Home Service

2015- 2017

Home Service was a 2 year creative journey with residents and staff at Robinson House, a Brunel Care dementia specialist nursing home. Through storytelling, clay, collage, painting and making we have found stories, built friendships and made spaces to create together. 

The project culminated in creating a creative hub – an interactive sofa,  a place to sit and explore, where you will find activities, prompts and treasures tucked away in the pockets of the sofa. Residents work was printed on to fabric and working with upholster Fi Taylor it now encases the sofa. The original sofa is one that we gathered around many times throughout the project, making bees, birds, boats and crowns, listening to stories about honey, treasure, journeys and dreams, collaborating with family and friends.

Working with Stand + Stare we created an interactive book in which each image has related audio, capturing moments from some the creative sessions. The Home Service book lives in the sofa and can be listened to through the Tangible Memories app.

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This little audio captures the creativity, love, care which all reside at Robinson House.

A sign post to the small things which make up the big things!

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