Knit With Me at Southmead Hospital, Bristol.

I travel the hospital with a suitcase full of wool and needles inviting people to ‘Knit with me!’ I create spaces to collaborate, gather and knit together. Knitting with patients on the wards, and leaving knitting for patients to continue during their stay at the hospital, setting up knit sessions with staff and visitors to the hospital. Through this work I collect stories, words, ideas, and wooly creatures. Threads are knitted together then transformed into installations and interventions around the hospital site.  Over 14,000 people have been touched the Knit With Me project so far which celebrates the therapeutic benefits of knitting, collaboration and demonstrates what can be achieved when people work together!

Below are some images of the project so far…



The Knit Stop

The Knit Stop was created using a series of square patches made during workshops with patients and staff of Southmead Hospital and the wider community during the Knit With Me project. The Knit Stop aimed to encourage conversation amongst people waiting for a bus or arriving to the hospital site (the bus stop was at the main entrance to the hospital).

Wards of Wisdom

The words of wisdom that were collected during the Knit With Me project were transformed into knitted and crocheted banners. These were created with patients on the wards and with a team of staff.  Together we installed the banners around the hospital site, deciding on the spaces that most need to hear those words, situated ready to interrupt the journeys of passersby.


Knit Stop images –  Clint Randall