Knitiffi ran from 2009 – 2014. Through regular workshops and knit groups we created large scale knitted installations, which are usually based around the concept of knit graffiti. The aim of Knitiffi was to highlight our immediate surroundings by animating the inanimate. Through ‘chance’ encounters with our installations we aim to provoke reactions to alter peoples’ perspectives on everyday objects and surroundings. The participants are primarily made up of service users and residents within Milestones Trust; who have mental health needs. Staff and friends of the trust were also involved with Knitiffi along with local schools, groups, and other people within the wider community.


The project had a huge emphasis on inclusivity, creating a space where everyone can take part no matter who they are, what they do, or how well they can knit. There were some knitters who knit metres and metres and others who knit just a centimetre – but the project wouldn’t work without one or the other. Knitiffi brought together groups of people who may not ordinarily have any common ground, through work or in their social life, and including people from all walks of life. The project provided a common goal culminating in a piece of art that wouldn’t be possible for an individual alone.

Installations include: The Knitted Caravan, The Good Ship Knit, Woolies, and Drop Stitch Drive. You can see more from the project here.


Woolies –  The Knitted Supermarket opened in December 2012 and customers were encouraged to browse the knitted shelves, select woollen fruit and veg, and place them in a knitted basket, everything was for sale enabling visitors to become a part of the live exhibition. Knitting and crochet workshops were held throughout the week so visitors could add to the supermarket and its stock.