The World’s first Knitted Wisdom Dispensing Machine’! Was created as a part of my residency at Southmead Hospital. Through knitting in groups with patients and staff, I noticed that people would share encouraging words, wise sayings and empathy with others in the group, I started writing these down and collecting them, then actively seeking them asking people what would you say to someone here having a hard day? What words do you most want to hear now? I turned the words I collected them into tickets which were then dispensed by our trusty wisdom machine, during the Fresh Arts festival. After the festival the machine moved into the main atrium of the hospital where it dispensed 3100 tickets of wisdom over 3 months, acting ‘loudspeaker’ to share the thoughts and wisdom from the wards. The machine became an unexpected ritual; patients came down from their wards to collect their daily wisdom, visitors stopped by on their way to the wards to pick up a ticket to share with a loved one, and staff on their way to start a shift.

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