What Sustains You?

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IMG_8321What fills you up?

What keeps you going on a hard day?

What gets you through the tough times?

Last week I held a workshop at Southmead Hospital as a part of their sustainability day. We worked with recycled felted jumpers to create Sustainability Monsters – a portable prompt, a reminder for you to do the things that sustain you.

Our workshop space popped up for the day, positioned in the main atrium of the hospital, where anyone passing by had the chance to stop and join the making and conversations.

I’m always fascinated by the ability of textiles, workshop materials, and a bit of making chaos and to completely change a space.  A new space is born through gathering and creating together – a space where meaningful conversations happen next to conversations about our favourite biscuits! Its a space where we are able to connect, to share things that are important to us and opens opportunities to discover something unknown about one another.

In the workshop people shared their stories, their anxieties, and their hopes whilst making their monsters. We talked about friends, loss, hurt, worries and fears creativity, reading and becoming lost in a book. We shared stories of loneliness and neighbours, love of music, fresh air and being outdoors, the need for balance and dancing round the kitchen. For a moment, whether you stopped for minutes or hours a space opened up to pause, to make, and share a piece of you.

Many of the people who stopped by described this little interruption in their day as being ‘just what they needed’. The mum visiting her daughter recovering from a life threatening illness and the girl in between appointment’s for both physical and mental challenges she was facing . I love this work of making spaces to create and connect.

Imagine a world where everyday, just around the corner, just when you need it a creative pause, a stopping point is waiting to invite you in and stop for a while. That’s a world I want to be living in… see you there!?